my true before and after makeup

the naked face
i have hyper pigments because off my illness and medicins
i have dark an baggy under eyes because of lack of sleep and thats a part off my sickness
i have scaring from old acne
But i like to call them my freckles =)
I always wanted freckles as a cild, i may not have got the freckles i dreamt of BUT they are MY freckles =)
The wrinkles reminds of that i have smiled a laught aloooooooot =)
The bags under my eyes shows me that even if i sleep bad im here on this earh to day as well and can fill it with loving things =)
I use makeup because i really love makeup, not most because it camoflage some off my bags and freckles but because its my art form.
I love makeup because it makes me feel pretty and bost me i my self estim 
I dont want to hide behind makeup or try to be someone else i just want to enhanse the beauty i got =)
So use makeup for fun! For Passion, for Art, and to make u fell extra pretty <3
I love u all so mush and the love i feel for u is only based on the beautiful person u are in yore hart!!!
The best makeup is to be kind, humble and SMILE

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