summer freshness

mina favoriter för hålla mig fresh och dofta under sommaren kommaer från Lyko
  • Escada Cherry In The Air EdT Spray 30ml



Escada Cherry In The Air EdT Spray 30ml

Escada Cherry In The Air EdT
Glädje när den är som bäst - Escada Cherry In The Air, en ljuvlig blandning av ungdomlighet och frosseri!

Få känslan av sommar, tiden då man ska ha kul och njuta av livet. Cykla på franska landsbygden, kanske göra ett stopp på vägen för att plocka några körsbär att mumsa på. Körsbärsdoften påminner dig om den härliga känslan av att vara förälskad och att sommaren kan vara för evigt.

Sommaren är för kärlek, sommaren är evig, precis som kärleken till denna doft

Svart körsbär, Hallon & Mandarin.

Marshmallow, Gardeniablad & Kokosorchidé.

Sandelträ, Mocka ackord & Ekträ.

  • Nivea Powder Touch Spray Deo 150ml

Nivea Powder Touch Spray Deo 150ml

-Med kaolinpuder(talk) som ger en mjuk och torr känsla

-Lämnar inga vita fläckar på kläderna

-48h antiperspirant och mild vård från NIVEA

-Utan ethylalkohol och färgämnen

Resultat:mjuk och torr känsla

150ml spray



Detta har varit mina favoriter för deodoranten verkligen bara supre fresh och sitter på blats även de varamaste dagar =)

Parfymen får mig att tänka på sommar kvällar nära havet

Jag älskar den

Loving Tan review

Hello sunnies
here comes a pretty amazing review for u who loves to look and feel tan
I have to start off by telling u all that I sadly have been sick almost the whole summer, but that is another story.
But with that being said I have not been able to be outside in the sun so mush.
I always protect my skin in the sun with hight spf to protect my skin
Hoe ever in summer time i love looking tan and self tanning is my go to all year around, but in summer i want that deeper tan 
I love looking healthy tanned and pair up with makeup that glows and those amazing coral and bronzed tones
I have tried the Loving tan 

2 HR Express Dark Self Tanning Mousse

And I have nothing but love for this product, its super fast and easy and the tan looks so natural , the smell is also amazing!! 

Deluxe Self Tanning Applicator Mitt

and buff the product in to my skin, it dries fast and i just put on a big T-shirt and go do my makeup or drink some coffee and let it set and dry for a while before i put on my cloth
The tanner is colored so that u can see where u put it and don't miss a part off yore body hanging there white and sad =)
That is a color guard and it also makes u look really tan fast, i like to leave the color guard on but it can transfer to cloth in the really hot days when i tend to be drooping in sweet
So to avoid that just shower with water and no soap after two hours and the color guard comes off leaving yore skin natural tan, I just cep applying the mouse for about three times and then I'm as tan I like to be in summer times.
Then I tan about ones a week to cep my color looking fresh.
Before I put the tanner on I make sure to really have clean and scrubbed skin, that helps to make an even color.
I moisture every day and that also helps the tan looking fresh 
This tanning mouse is one off the best i ever used so i will give it 
This next product is my holy grail for liiiiiiife, omg why haven't I gotten this in my life before???
This has saved me those days i have been wanting show my legs in a dress or shorts like the wedding i went to... I had booth the most beautiful red coral dress and this product made my legs looking like no bodies business 
it hide my stretch marks like a dream 
Its makeup for yore body and totally water proof so i could sweet away and still feel totally fine, from my waist down =)
No kidding this product had changed my life, making me so mush more confident wearing dresses and skirts. I hate wearing shorter cloth showing my legs because I think my legs looks ugly. I know its so silly but i really feel nervous and naked and insecure 
But no more!!!! I have dug out all my dresses and i love showing my legs now thank to

Loving Tan Picture Perfect Dark

This product gets highest review and some extra plusses