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Jumbo Fan 
Face Brush
The multi-purpose fan brush is large, luxurious, and can be used with a variety of powder products. Among its many applications, it can be used to pack loose powder under the eyes to catch fallout, or at an angle for even blush, highlighter, or bronzer application.


Tulip Contour
Face Brush
The tulip shape of this contour brush makes it truly special. When used at its tip, this brush fits perfectly into the hollows of the cheeks to contour or on the tops of the cheekbones for a soft highlight. It can also be used to apply blush, bronzer, or setting powder.


Dome Contour
Face Brush
This dense, dome-shaped brush is perfect for buffing out a heavy contour, as well as evenly applying liquid and cream products. The dense bristles impart fuller foundation coverage.


Flat Top Buffer 
Face Brush
This compact flat top brush buffs in liquid, cream, and powder to an airbrushed finish. Used on its side, this brush is perfect for lightly contouring under cheekbones. Liquid and cream products will not stain its brown bristles.


Universal Blender 
Eye brush
This blending brush is truly universal. This brush can be used to apply a soft wash of color to the entire eyelid, as well as on its side to concentrate color application. It can also be used to apply and blend crease and contour colors.


Flat Synthetic
Eye brush 
This large eyeshadow brush is ideal for applying cream eyeshadow bases and concealer. The dense, smooth bristles perfectly pack on both powder and cream eyeshadows.


Synthetic Blender
Eye Brush
This blender works well with both eyeshadows and concealer. The dense bristles make this brush perfect for blending out cream products such as concealer and cream eyeshadow, as well as for blending out dark crease colors.


Pointed Crease
Eye Brush
This pointed crease brush is ideal for applying and blending color in small spaces.


Brow Spoolie Duo
Eye Brush
This duo is perfect for creating a flawless arched eyebrow. The angled side is stiff for precise color application, while the spoolie side blends harsh lines into an even, natural-looking eyebrow.


Eye Brush
The tip of the brush is dense and pointed to create clean lines.


Detailed Shader
Eye Brush
This small shader is essential for detailing work. It fits well in the inner eye/tear duct area. It can even be used to smudge color into the lash line for a more diffused look.


Angled Detail 
Eye Brush
This brush was specifically crafted with smaller, thinner bristles, and a deep diagonal cut, making it perfect for creating the perfect winged eyeliner.


Capped Lip Brush 
Lip Brush
This brush cap has a dual purpose. When not in use, the cap keeps your brush sanitary. When using it, snap the cap onto the back of the brush to create a full-sized brush that makes application easier and more precise.

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